French Church: Twice on Fire in just Four Days

A church near Bayeux, France, recorded two fires in a short period of 4 days. Police are investigating the causes.

France – Bayeux (Monday 27/09/2021 15:00, Gaudium Press) – The church of Saint-Loup-Hors has been the victim of two fires in just four days.

The first incident occurred on Sunday, September 19th. The alarm sounded when a processional flag caught fire. Volunteers quickly brought the fire under control with the help of a fire extinguisher

The second fire was more serious. The alarm was raised at around 4.30 pm when a parishioner noticed a cloud of smoke rising from the church roof.

Firefighters control the flames

A platoon of 20 firefighters came to the rescue, managing to control the fire after 45 minutes. Dense smoke prevented the firefighters from reaching the building. After the flames were under control, rescuers determined that the fire began in some wooden objects.

This time, losses were more significant: the confessional, wooden objects, fabric and paintings were burned. In addition, the building had to be closed for safety. The incident is under investigation.

The church, located in the suburbs of Bayeux, was built in the 12th century. The building is listed as historical patrimony and remains open to the public all day long.

The Pastor of the Church and the Town Hall authorities have requested an inquiry for both incidents. Meanwhile, Bayeux Police is working on two possible scenarios: accidental fire or arson. (FM)

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj


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