Satanic Activity: Catholic Cemetery Vandalized on Halloween Night

A Catholic cemetery in Minnesota was vandalized on Halloween night. Disrespectful and satanic graffiti was displayed on graves and images in the cemetery.

Newsroom (05/11/2022 08:30, Gaudium Press) In the State of Minnesota, in the United States, a Catholic cemetery was vandalized on the night of 31 October, the ‘feast’ of Halloween.

Mr. Steven Flynn, the director of Calvary Cemetery in the Diocese of Rochester, affirmed that five commemorative walls, two slabs of graves, an image of Christ and a cross were disgracefully graffitied by vandals.

The phrases left behind are obscene, outrageous and satanic: as in one example, “In Satan we have confidence.” Staff at the cemetery are working to repair and clean up the traces of the vandalism.

Flynn said he was angered to see the graffiti, especially since 2 November is the cemetery’s most important day, when people come to visit their deceased loved ones’ gravesites.

Friends, please see my full statement regarding the act of vandalism that occurred at Calvary Cemetery here in the Diocese of Winona-Rochester:

– Bishop Robert Barron (@BishopBarron) 2 November, 2022

Bishop’s Statement

Bishop Robert Barron, Bishop of Winona-Rochester in Minnesota, issued a statement about the desecration: “I would like to express my outrage at this desecration and my assurance of prayers for the families of those whose final resting places have been so dishonoured.”

The Bishop also expressed his willingness to visit the cemetery after the repair work to bless and consecrate it once again: “I pledge to bless and consecrate this sacred space once again.”

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Bishop Barron stated as well that the Diocese is willing to collaborate with the police to investigate and ensure that those responsible are brought to justice for the acts committed.

Compiled by Sandra Chisholm

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