Germany: Church Shuts Down to Save Energy

Drastic measure in the Diocese of Münster, Germany’s second largest: due to rising energy costs, a church is being closed.

St. Mary Magdalene Church (Sonsbeck)

Newsroom (05/11/2022 9:11 AM, Gaudium Press) The Catholic parish of Sonsbeck has closed the Church of St. Mary Magdalene. The measure was taken due to the increase in energy prices last week. “We thought a lot about people’s reaction, and of course, some will be very sad about it,” Fr. Günter Hoebertz, pastor of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene Sonsbeck, told the Rheinische Post newspaper. While the weekday masses were moved to another church, the Saturday evening mass was canceled.

The parish has decided to turn off the gas heaters in the churches that are still open. The decision to do so was made by the church council and the parish council: “We cannot expect the population to become less warm and not do it ourselves,” said Fr. Hoebertz.”As a church, we should set an example and try to keep prices bearable for others through lower consumption”.

If without heating it gets too cold in these alternative churches, they will also be closed and masses will be moved to a modernized parish hall. The measures will initially apply until Ash Wednesday. However, the church will be open at Christmas and – upon request – for funerals.

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Compiled by Dominic Joseph

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