Catholic Church target of satanic vandalism

Satanic and vulgar paintings have defaced the images depicting the Holy Family at Holy Family Catholic Church in Jacksonville, Florida USA. 

Newsroom (04/03/2022 13:50, Gaudium Press). Police are searching for the suspects accused of vandalising with black ink the images of the Holy Family last February 23, 2022. The words “Hail Satan” were written on the image of Jesus, with vulgar drawings and a satanic symbol on the forehead of St Joseph.

Surveillance footage shows three people at the scene, two of whom appear to be writing on the images.

This is the latest in a worrying wave of attacks on Catholic churches across the country. As well as being a crime, damaging a sacred image also constitutes sacrilege. It is satanic hatred of Christian symbols.

Indeed, US Senator John Kennedy, has written a letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland, asking him to “increase efforts to identify and prosecute criminals who target Catholic people and property, so that the thousands of Catholics in our country can continue to practice their faith safely.”

With information and photos from CNA.



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