Ukraine: A War of Depopulation?

The Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church denounces that Russians are driving Ukrainians from their land.

Newsroom (Nov 01/2022 14:35, Gaudium Press) The Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, His Beatitude Sviatoslav Schevchuk, urged in his daily message to “support families” who are going through various crises. “God, through the Ukrainian family, bless our nation, give us strength to persevere in this fight against evil,” the archbishop urged.

The Ukrainian Catholic primate lamented that “in addition to the fierce battles on the front, the Russians are also relentlessly bombarding civilian objects” and pointed out the tactics Russia is currently using and what the real consequences of this situation are.

The Ukrainians “shot down Russian rockets in the city of Dnieper, but despite everything, there was a tragedy at one of the local gas stations, and people were killed, many were injured,” the archbishop pointed out.

“Among the dead was a pregnant woman who caught fire in her own car. When one sees these pictures, our hearts really tighten, tears well up in their eyes, and the Christian conscience calls us to prayer and action,” His Beatitude continued.

The bombing of Nikopol, a major industrial center, is a “clear example of how the aggressor not only attacks on the front line, but also tries to bomb nearby villages, destroy the infrastructure of our towns and villages, and frighten our civilians.”

“They are trying to drive Ukrainians from their land,” warned the leader of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholics. “This is a depopulation war so that as many Ukrainians as possible leave their homeland,” he lamented.

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“But Ukraine stands firm, Ukraine fights, Ukraine prays. And we thank God and the brave Armed Forces for giving us another morning. Although we have just heard the sound of air alert sirens again, we will support our army in prayer and vigil.”

With Aica information.

Compiled by Teresa Joseph

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