Tintin is condemned by the Catholic School Board of Canada

Comics, novels, and manuals were deemed offensive and burned, in Canada. Tintin and Asterix are on the list of those condemned.

Newsroom (10/09/2021 16:30, Gaudium Press) – A committee created by a Catholic School Board in Ontario is the subject of a huge controversy after it was revealed that nearly 5,000 books were removed from school libraries and destroyed because they were deemed inappropriate and racist.

The committee representing 10,000 students in the Canadian province also organized the burning of 30 books. The ashes, deemed racist, were buried in a ceremony. Among the allegedly inappropriate works are some classic comic books such as Tintin and Asterix.

Unacceptable language, cultural appropriation: some reasons for the condemnation

“Tintin in America” was harshly criticized by the school board, which called the language of cartoonist Hergé’s comics unacceptable, erroneous, and unfair to the natives of the region. Other DIY books inspired by regional knowledge were also destroyed for appropriating regional culture.

Other books were also destroyed for using the word “indigenous” when referring to native peoples. Sylvie Brien, the author of the book “The Case of the Indigenous College”, confesses her dissatisfaction: “My book was burned when it actually testifies to the suffering of the First Nations (indigenous people). It is absurd.”

Faced with numerous complaints and criticisms, the council members say they are very concerned and confused by the situation and regret the negative repercussions of what happened. (FM)

With information from La Croix.
Compiled by Camille Mittermeier

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