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Missionaries of Mother Teresa Expelled from Nicaragua Will Open Mission in Costa Rica

The Bishop of Tilarán-Liberia said he “proposed the creation of a foundation.”

Newsroom (01/08/2022 4:30 PM, Gaudium Press) Aciprensa reports that the Missionaries of Charity expelled by the Ortega regime in Nicaragua would be considering opening a mission in Costa Rica to help homeless people and families in need.

They were welcomed by Bishop Eugenio Salazar Mora, bishop of the diocese of Tilarán-Liberia, and it would be in this jurisdiction that the nuns would develop this apostolate. In total, there were seven Indians, two Mexicans, one Spaniard, two Guatemalans, one Ecuadorian, one Vietnamese, two Filipinas and two Nicaraguans.

“When the religious women were expelled from Nicaragua, they lost all their possessions and we received them at the border. So I proposed to them the creation of a foundation, in Cañas, a matter that interested them,” expressed the Bishop about the possible mission.

“After negotiations, we have a project, already discussed; but, still, we have not signed the respective contract. Let’s pray that it comes true,” added Msgr. Salazar.

When Bishop Salazar received the expelled religious on July 6, he knelt before the superior, heard the drama they had been through, and confirmed that if it were up to them, they would have stayed in Nicaragua, the city they love.

“I don’t see any guilt in them,” the Bishop of Tilarán-Liberia emphasized on the occasion. “They are just women, consecrated spouses of Jesus Christ, who only intend to serve the poor, they do many things that many others do not do. But that is the life of the Christian; the vision of martyrdom is also part of Christian spirituality,” stressed the prelate, who also said that the diocese was honored to have them.

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Compiled by Angelica Vecchiato

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