Is Pope Francis Planning to Resign?

Strong rumours circulating in the media and throughout sacristies around the world seem to indicate that Pope Francis, following the same path as Benedict XVI, is planning to resign his pontificate.

Newsroom (06/07/2022 08:30, Gaudium Press ) In an interview with Reuters, Pope Francis spoke about the strong rumors circulating in the media and sacristies around the world indicating that he, following the same path as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, is planning to resign his pontificate.

Coincidence or forewarning?

Among the reasons giving rise to the suspicion for this possible resignation are: the Consistory scheduled for the end of August, and a trip the Holy Father will make to the Italian city of L’Aquila, associated with Pope Celestine V (who resigned in 1294). L’Aquila also has a connection with Benedict XVI, who is believed to have foretold his own resignation by placing his pallium on the tomb of Celestine during a visit to the city in 2009.

Pope Francis has denied these assumptions, although these coincidences have made some think that this pontificate will reach the same conclusion as the previous one. Instead, he responded with, “That never crossed my mind. Not yet, not yet. Really!”.

Renunciation is taken into consideration

However, as he has already stated on other occasions, the Pontiff explained that he will take into consideration the possibility of resigning if health makes it impossible for him to continue in his ministry. “When the time comes and I see that I cannot do this [administer the Church because of health problems], I will do this [resign],” he stressed.

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“That was the great example of Pope Benedict XVI. It was a very good thing for the Church. He told the popes to stop in time,” he noted. When asked directly when he might resign, Pope Francis simply replied, “We don’t know. God will tell!”. Similar words were spoken in an interview earlier this month for the Télam news agency. (EPC)

Compiled by Sandra Chisholm

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