If War Breaks Out Tomorrow, Are You Prepared?

Threats, warnings and aggressive actions. Are we heading for an intercontinental war?

Newsroom (06/07/2022 14:00, Gaudium Press ) Recent statements made by NATO and Russia lead us to ask if we are not living in days very similar to those that preceded World War II. Could this be?

Such a question, in fact, can be answered by the speech of the new Commander of the British Army, General Sanders. According to him, “We are the generation that must prepare the army to fight again in Europe; we are living through identical times to those of 1937“.

However, to all appearances, this comment seems a bit optimistic compared to those times…

Increase in NATO forces

In a recent manifesto, the British Defense Secretary said: “Right now Russia is the most direct and compelling threat to Europe“. And the measures he has taken include more than spoken words.

In fact, on 28 June, NATO decided to expand its high-readiness-forces from 40,000 members to more than 300,000, consisting of paratroopers, rangers, marines and other special units, all at a high level of preparation. Their aim would be to initially sustain a possible enemy attack, giving time for a later, more powerful, mechanized intervention.

Now, the Russian army is, or rather, was 280,000 strong before going to war against Ukraine. Therefore, the NATO high-readiness-forces alone would already exceed the Russian contingent. What, then, would have led NATO to take such an approach? Is this an excessive and exaggerated measure? Honestly, I do not believe so.

Perhaps the following statement by the British Defense Secretary answers the question: “Russia is not our only problem”, as he then mentioned the other threats: China, and terrorism in Africa and Iran.

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Ponder this: what would happen if the member countries of NATO went to war against Russia, China, Iran and Africa? Would this not be more than enough to trigger an intercontinental war?

A financial threat

However, in addition to the threats of war, the West is using yet another means to try to stop Putin: in addition to all of the economic sanctions already applied against Russia, the G7 summit recently decided to take a bolder and perhaps even more provocative step, by prohibiting the import of Russian gold. Gold that represents 5% of the world market.

Curiously, on the same day that this decision was made, Putin ordered the bombing of Kiev. A mere coincidence?

What will Russia do?

And what would Russia do in the event of a full-scale war?

For the moment, it seems to reveal something along these lines: last week, the Russian General – now appointed Legislator – Andrei Gurulyov, stated what his first targets would be: “We will destroy the enemy’s entire group of space satellites during the first air operation.” He added: “Nobody will care whether they are American or British; we would see them all as NATO. Second, we will mitigate the entire missile defense system, everywhere and [at] 100 per cent.” He went on to name his target: “Third, we will certainly not start from Warsaw, Paris or Berlin. The first to be hit will be London. It is clear that the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons.”

Bold words, encased in gunpowder….

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How long is the fuse?

If analyzed carefully, recent events present a disturbing question: in these terms, it is no longer a question of whether there will be a great war or not, but of knowing exactly when this great war will be.

Therefore, the conjuncture of facts is undeniable, since tempers are heated and the warnings and threats are multiplying.

In short, the fuse of a great war is already lit; it remains to be seen how long it will burn before it bursts into flame.

We can only pray that Providence helps us as soon as possible… because, if a war started tomorrow, are you prepared?

Compiled by Sandra Chisholm

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