Brazil: 18th century Church reopens after fifteen years of restoration


The Brotherhood of the Military built our Lady of the Conception of the Military soon after the historic Battle of Guararapes.

Pernambuco – Recife (08/07/2021 13:33, Gaudium Press) The Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, Most Rev. Fernando Saburido, celebrated this week a Solemn Mass in commemoration of the reopening of the church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição dos Militares. The Church reopens after fifteen years of maintenance, repairs and restoration.

A monumental Church

The Mass schedule will be adapted to the local reality: a commercial area with no residences. “The idea is to make people feel comfortable in God’s house. It is a monumental and beautiful church. We received the grace to have it back, for the good of Pernambuco’s religiosity and culture”, said the prelate.

Bishop Fernando has chosen Fr. Augusto César Figueiroa as the chaplain, as the Church has the “Archbishop’s private oratory” status. The priest will celebrate daily masses, offering assistance to those who pass through the city’s commercial center.

Built in the 18th century

Many priests and faithful attended the Eucharistic celebration celebrating the reopening of the Church. Among them, representatives of the Military Brotherhood and the Archdiocesan Intervention Commission of the Brotherhoods, Mr. Paulo Câmara, Governor of Pernambuco, and the Mayor of Recife, João Campos.

Following baroque and rococo styles, the Church was built by the Military Brotherhood in the 18th century, soon after the historic Battle of Guararapes. Since 1938, it is part of Brazil’s Historical and Artistic Heritage. The artistic restoration work on this temple began in 2014. (EPC)

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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