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In this weekly round up we cover the news stories we missed from the 13th to the 18th September 2021


  • “I have never participated in any cover-up. Nevertheless, I am willing to bear my share of responsibility for the failure of the system,” Heße said. Responding to the pope’s decision, the 55-year-old archbishop said on Sept. 15: “I thank the Holy Father for his clear decision and the trust he has placed in me.”

  • The Italian politician recalled that the European Parliament rebuffed a proposal in June for an annual observance raising awareness about religious liberty. The resolution, passed in Strasbourg, France, said that the European Parliament was “appalled” by reports of the Taliban’s actions against “women and girls, human rights defenders, LGBTI+ people, religious and ethnic minorities, journalists, writers, academics and artists.”The resolution mentioned the Shia Hazaras as an example of a persecuted minority, but it did not specifically refer to the country’s Christians.

  • Sep 16, 2021-  Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández of La Plata warned Argentine president Alberto Fernández Thursday that his priorities, such as abortion, marijuana, euthanasia, and non-binary language, don’t respond to the “profound anguish” of the people.”For the love of this wounded country, many of us hope that the President can revise in time the priorities on his agenda, to avoid a debacle that would end up harming our people even more,” the Argentine prelate wrote in a Sept. 16 column in La Nación, an Argentine daily. Inflation in Argentina is expected to reach 48.2% in 2021, with an economic growth rate of 6.8%.
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