The Indulgence of the Celestine Pardon is Extended by Pope Francis

According to the Pontiff’s decree the faithful and pilgrims who go to L’Aquila will be able to obtain the plenary indulgence every day until August 28, 2023.

Newsroom (01/09/2022 8:45 AM, Gaudium Press)  Pope Francis opened the Holy Door of the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio last Sunday during his pastoral visit to the Italian city of L’Aquila on the occasion of the beginning of the indulgence granted by the Celestine Pardon.

Closing of the Holy Door and Extension of Indulgence

Although the closing of the Holy Door took place  Monday, 29th, after a Holy Mass that was  presided at 6:30 pm by the city’s Auxiliary Bishop Antonio D’Angelo, the indulgence may be enjoyed by the faithful until the Celestine Pardon of 2023. This is due to a special concession established by Pope Francis.

According to the Pontiff’s ruling, until August 28, 2023, the faithful and pilgrims who go to L’Aquila will be able to obtain the plenary indulgence every day by participating in the rites in honor of St. Celestine V or by praying “in the presence of the saint’s remains for an appropriate time.”

Conditions for Receiving the Indulgence

The conditions for receiving the plenary indulgence are: reciting the Creed, the Our Father, and a prayer according to the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff, as well as going to Sacramental Confession and Eucharistic Communion within eight days before or after participating in a rite in honor of Celestine V, or after having been in prayer  before the mortal remains of the Holy Pontiff.

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All those who for some grave reason have not been able to leave home, may also obtain a plenary indulgence provided that they repent of their sins and intend to fulfill the three usual conditions as soon as they can, take part spiritually in the celebrations before a small image of St. Peter Celestine, after having offered their prayers and sufferings to the merciful God. (EPC)

Compiled by Florence MacDonald


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