Newborn Baby Abandoned in Cathedral in Guatemala Sparks Community Response

Amid consternation and indignation, social media users comment that at least the baby was left in the church, avoiding a worse fate. The case has generated consternation in the community, but also indignation. 

Editorial (06/21/2024 09:39, Gaudium Press) Last Tuesday, June 18, a newborn baby girl was found abandoned inside the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Guatemala.

The mother, whose identity is still unknown, left the child wrapped in a blanket, without any explanatory note about the abandonment. The ecclesiastical authorities received and protected the newborn while waiting for the arrival of the National Police, who took charge of the case.

So far, details of the incident are unknown, and the police will investigate to try to identify the baby’s mother and determine the causes that led the woman to abandon her child.

In an interview with ACI Prensa, Fr. Alejandro Enrique Ruiz Puerto, the parish priest of the cathedral, said that during the Eucharistic celebration, he noticed “a mother with a baby in her arms and a girl about three years old.”

About twenty minutes after the mass, the sacristan ran to inform the priest that he had found a newborn baby girl, about eight days old, near the entrance door, on the floor, under a bench, covered only by a blanket.

The news prompted church workers and some community residents to come together to buy diapers for the girl, as well as to provide special milk since she was hungry.

Shock and Indignation

The case has generated consternation in the community, but also indignation on Social Media.

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“Outrageous! So many women who want a baby, and many who abandon them,” wrote some users on social media. Others were thankful that the newborn was at least abandoned in a church, as other babies had not been so fortunate.

“It was the right place; if you don’t want the baby, it’s better to give her away.” “Last time, a child was found dead in a ravine, so it’s better that this baby was left in the church.”

Fr. Ruiz indicated that since the news was released, several families have inquired about adopting the girl.

“Since last night, I have received calls from families, including the United States, Mexico, and El Salvador, and even families here from the cathedral, wanting to adopt the girl. But it is a rather long process,” he said. He promised to keep a close watch on the girl, maintaining contact with those responsible for her care to ensure she lacks nothing and will monitor the process to find a family that can welcome her.

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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