Meet the Dominican Monastery with a vocational boom even in times of pandemic


    While ‘cultural’ Christians have not returned to Mass when they could, young vocations do not cease to be generous.

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    Ann Arbor (October 8, 2020, 12:10 pm Gaudium Press) While ‘cultural’ Christians, those who call themselves Catholic because of a weak tradition, have not returned to Mass when they could, vocations do not cease to be generous.

    As Religion en Libertad reports, these days distress and the isolation,  have prompted many to ask themselves about the meaning of their lives;  to pray, perhaps for the first time; and even to consider a religious vocation.

    For example, Dioceses like Getafe, Spain, have increased the number of seminarians by 40 percent.

    In Michigan, a vocation boom in a community of Dominican sisters

    Likewise, good news seems to be coming from the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, a community of more than 150 religious, where the average age is 32.

    The community was already famous for its vocational retreats. Yet, in spite of the pandemic, 18 young ladies have decided to leave the world behind, becoming Dominican Sisters.

    “I call my vocation a COVID miracle because most of my discernment occurred during the pandemic,” says Phoenix-based postulant Genevieve. “Not having access to the sacraments really showed me how my whole life revolved around going to Mass and being able to worship Christ in the Eucharist,” says Jenna, a postulant from New York.

    Autumn didn’t neglect her prayer life during the pandemic, but followed the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on the Internet: “My family got used to seeing a sticky note with the word ‘Prayer’ attached to my door so I could have some peace and quiet. In those days of solitude, her decision matured, and she answered the call.

    “I found comfort in the fact that, although at that moment I was physically separated from Christ in the Eucharist, in just a few months I would begin to live life as a bride of Christ and strive to be with him for all eternity,” says Jenna, also from New York.

    Rory of Michigan City, Indiana, says, “I never want to be separated from Him again, so the next time there’s a pandemic, the only place I want to be is in a convent”.

    The ceremony of reception

    The ceremony of reception of a postulant is something very serious, very symbolic: it is the gateway to a very different world and a lifelong, eternal choice.

    So the 18 postulants had to make a very significant decision. Due to the pandemic, they had two options –  either their families could accompany them in a short celebration, with social distancing and in the open air, Or that could hold a complete ceremony, inside the Motherhouse chapel without the assistance of their loved ones.

    They all opted for the complete ceremony, as they wanted to signify their decision following all the conventual observances. The families would follow the transmission by internet; some with tears, but tears of joy.

    With information from Religion en Libertad

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