St. Justin: 10 Quotes on Faith that Will Make You Think

St. Justin became the first of the Church Fathers who succeeded the Apostolic Fathers of early times.

Newsroom (June 6, 2022, 5:00 PM, Gaudium Press) On June 1, the Catholic Church celebrated the memory of Saint Justin, martyr. Born in Palestine in 103, into a family that did not know Christianity, Justin was in search of truth. He followed the philosophical school of Plato.

Desirous of going deeper into the teachings of the great Greek sage, he retired to a hermitage. An old man providentially approached him and presented him with something more. He introduced him to the truths of the Christian faith, the mysteries of God, and the figure of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Justin accepted the Christian faith and was baptized in the year 130, replacing Plato’s philosophy with the truth of Christ. This Saint became the first of the Church Fathers who succeeded the Apostolic Fathers of the early times.

He became a true missionary among the philosophers, holding philosophical discussions that always moved toward the vision of the Gospel. He also left writings that testify to his faith. In 167 he was denounced, unjustly judged, and beheaded for not renouncing Jesus Christ.

Saint Justin Phrases

01 – “I tried to know all the doctrines, but in the end, I embraced the true doctrine of the Christians, although it is not accepted by those who live in error.”

02 – “We adore the God of the Christians, whom we consider as the only creator, from the beginning, artificer of all creation, of the visible and invisible things: we also adore the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, who the prophets announced to come to the human race as messenger of salvation and teacher of good doctrine”.

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03 – “No one whose understanding is sound will abandon true religion… we desire nothing more than to endure torture for our Lord Jesus Christ”.

04 – “I hope to enter that abode (heaven), if I have to suffer what you say. For I know that for all who live holy, there is reserved the reward of God until the end of the whole world.”

05 – “No one is permitted to utter the ineffable name of God. If anyone dares to claim to have this name in himself, he is nothing but a madman”.

06 – “We do not take these things as ordinary bread or drink; but, that just as Jesus Christ, made flesh by the word of God, had flesh and blood to save us, so the food made Eucharist (…) is the Flesh and Blood of Jesus incarnate”.

07 – “We designate this food the Eucharist. No one is allowed to partake of it, unless he believes in the truth of our doctrine, has already received the baptism of remission of sins and of new birth, and lives according to Christ’s teachings”.

08 – “We desire and hope to attain salvation through the torments we suffer for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ. Suffering assures us of salvation and gives us confidence before the judgment seat of our Lord and Savior, which is universal and more terrible than yours.”

09 – “I recognize the value of the prophecies that previously announced the one I claimed to be the Son of God. I know that the prophets who foresaw his coming among men were inspired by God.”

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10 – “God, in his desire that men and angels follow his will, decided to create them free to practice righteousness. If the Word of God foretells that some angels and men will certainly be punished, this is because it knew beforehand that they would be immutably ungodly, but not because God created them that way. So that whoever is willing to repent, can obtain mercy.”

Prayer to Saint Justin

Eternal and Almighty God, who gave Saint Justin the grace to fight for justice until death, grant us, through his intercession, to endure adversity for your love, and to run to you who is our life. Through Christ our Lord. Amen! (EPC)

Compiled by Zephania Gangl

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