Francis sent a message to the participants of the Day of the Poor

On the occasion of the World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis addressed a message to all the needy brothers and sisters of the world.

Newsroom (November 15, 2021, 1:20 PM, Gaudium Press) On the occasion of the World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis addressed a recorded message to commemorate the occasion.

Organized this past Sunday, November 14, by the Fratello association, the World Day of the Poor was celebrated in cities all over the world: Lourdes, New York, Abidjan, Bangui, Kinshasa, Beirut and even Jerusalem.

Activities organized for the needy

Each country was responsible for organizing the day according to its health restrictions. But in most cities, Masses were celebrated, and meals, performances, and talks were organized.

At 3 pm in Rome, a recorded message from Pope Francis was broadcast to all the brothers. First, the Pope said he was happy to be able to participate, even from a distance, in the meeting.

Francis said that he knows a thousand needs that the brothers have: deprivation of housing, food, work, companionship, health, as he explained that poverty is not only reduced to material goods.

“Jesus needs you to save the world”

The Holy Father said that the word “poor” may shock some, but explained that the world has need of them: “Jesus needs you to save the world. He came for us poor, small, sick, wounded by life, bitter, to fill us with love. If we recognize ourselves as poor, we recognize a need, then God can come in that need.”

A great request for forgiveness

Francis spoke of the importance of the poor to Our Lord. The first beatitude described by Jesus is poverty: “Blessed are the poor,” the Pope explained. The Pope took the opportunity to ask forgiveness, in the name of all Christians, of all the poor: “I ask forgiveness from them, on behalf of all Christians who have hurt them, ignored them, humiliated them. Every man, every woman is a temple of God, you are God’s temple, you are the treasure of the Church. Your place is not at the door of the churches but in the heart of the Church. You are God’s favourites, the saints are hidden among you.”

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Francis then concluded by exhorting the brothers to be witnesses of Jesus Christ. (FM)

Compiled by Zephania Gangl

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