New Trend: In the US, Younger Priests are More Conservative

Research conducted by the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture showed that young Catholic priests in the US tend to be more conservative.  

Newsroom (15/11/2021 1:30 PM, Gaudium PressThe survey, with more than 50 questions, released last November 2 by the Austin Institute, questioned priests in the United States on topics such as abortion, homosexual behavior, approval of Pope Francis, and so on.

For 90% of priests ordained after 2010, abortion is always a sin, compared to 56% of priests ordained before 1980. Francis’ generation was ordained in 1969.

89% of priests ordained after 2010 consider homosexual behavior always sinful, compared to 34% of priests before 1980. The numbers are very similar for masturbation, sex outside of marriage, and contraception.

On the more sensitive issues, 21% of priests ordained before 1981 say they identify as “gay” or “something in between, but more homosexual” compared to 5% of priests ordained after 2000.

Based on this survey, we can see how the Church is internally divided by various “thoughts,” but the Gospel and the Word of God are not questionable.

The world today is shaken by various waters, only if we remain attached to the Word of God and the tradition of the Church, will there be no danger of drowning in the new currents of thought that distance souls from God’s teachings.

Thank God, the Church still enjoys holy priests today.

By Rita Sberna
Compiled by Camille Mittermeier

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