Feast of the Eternal Father 2021 will be celebrated virtually

The largest feast in the world dedicated to the Divine Eternal Father used to receive around 6 million pilgrims during the course of its celebration.

Goiás – Goiânia (04/06/2021 16:18, Gaudium Press) Following the theme “Eternal Father, before you we are all brothers”, the Feast of the Divine Eternal Father this year will be held between 25 June and 4 July in a completely virtual way. The events will be broadcast via social networks, television and radio stations.

A Proclamation of hope in these difficult times

The choice of theme was intended as a proclamation of hope for the faithful in these difficult times during the pandemic. The organizers of the event promise that the programme will not differ greatly from the traditional event. It will begin at 5.30am with the praying of the rosary, followed by Holy Mass at 6am and novenas, which will start at 9am.

Faith demands commitment and responsibility

According to the rector of the Basilica, Father João Paulo, the virtual format was the only option to avoid crowds, since Masses, caravans and the traditional festivities that take place during the entire period of celebrations are prohibited according to the laws of the municipality.

“We are pained that we are unable to celebrate in person. But we cannot deny that we are in a time of crisis. The Faith demands commitment and responsibility from us. We neither want nor can we gather all the faithful in solidarity with so many sick people and people who have lost their loved ones. We ask again, to stay at home,” he stressed.

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World’s biggest feast dedicated to the Divine Eternal Father

Currently considered the biggest religious event in the Centre-West region of Brazil, the second biggest in Brazil and the biggest festival in the world dedicated to the Divine Eternal Father, the Trindade Pilgrimage used to receive, during the period of its celebration, around 6 million pilgrims. (EPC)

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