Do Reawaking Volcanos Reawaken Faith?

The imminent eruption of a volcano can provoke two different attitudes, let us review historical examples and consider our present day.

Newsroom (25/10/2021 09:35, Gaudium Press) The earthquakes begin. There is a small eruption.

– There is no reason to be alarmed! This volcano has not been active for half a century!

The population of this small, lively, and attractive island has abandoned God and thinks only of enjoying life. In fact, the carnival is one of the attractions, and this year it attacks God. The participants, dressed up as religious men and women, make fun of religion. The cathedral is used for profane dances.

– Let’s keep having fun! Surely the volcano will go back to sleep as it did before?

Premonitory signs: earthquake, rain of ashes and graphite, the smell of sulfur, water heating up; nothing makes people see the danger that threatens them. A river of incandescent black mud flows out of the crater and begins to flow down the mountain. The population remains asleep. The island is not evacuated.

In fact, they are worried about the election to choose the next governor. Then they will think about what to do. The life of sin persists.

The volcano is still erupting. They don’t even remember God to beg for forgiveness and mercy.

Suddenly, a red ball formed by a cloud of superheated gas and steam ignites and destroys everything in its path, reducing the city of St. Peter on the island of Martinique to rubble.

In fact, 70 seconds was enough for the volcano Mount Pelée in 1902 to wipe off the map this town that was ranked 101st in France for its luxury and comfort. 30,000 people died.

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Let us Compare: Morne Rouge

Terrified by this catastrophe and realizing that a cloud of ash was also reaching their town, the inhabitants of another town on the island, Morne Rouge, rushed to the church to implore God’s help and many were able to go to confession.

During the celebration, when they looked up, they saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus appear very sad, and then they heard a bang, red lights of fire, a cloud of ashes and mud rolling down Mount Pelée.

Quite different was the attitude of the inhabitants of Morne Rouge! They remained in prayer all day, begging for protection and clemency.

As they left the church, they saw fire, smoke and boiling mud all around them. However, that day Morne Rouge was not hit. A real miracle!

Many who had faith put their lives in order by reconciling with God through the sacrament of confession. The most important thing was to be at peace with God and to present themselves worthily before Him in a state of grace when they were called.

The danger was imminent. A few months after this miracle, there was another eruption and several people perished. God had given them time to attain eternal salvation. Indeed, God is always attentive to the heart of man.

In Holy Scripture, it is also told that with a quick warning from Jonah, the Ninevites repented, converted, and did penance, appeasing the divine anger.

And today? Isn’t it true that God is giving various signs through numerous natural disasters and the appearance of incurable diseases?

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We well know that Our Lady, in Fatima, predicted that punishments would come to mankind and that many nations would be annihilated if the world did not convert.

Meanwhile, the human being, rooted in evil, builds more and more a civilization contrary to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Is God not giving us time to put our consciences in order before an even greater catastrophe occurs? Will we be those who, like in the city of St. Peter, thought that everything was going to return to normality and perished in sin, for not believing that these were signs of God’s justice?

By Sr Maria Cristina Miranda, EP.


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