Daniel Ortega Wants to Teach the Pope How to Rule the Church

After calling himself a Catholic, he claimed that the Church was “the perfect tyranny”, “the perfect dictatorship”.

Newsroom (04/10/2022 10:30 PM, Gaudium PressDaniel Ortega, the one who through his agents arrested and beheaded all opposition leaders in the months before the ‘elections’, the one who expelled the Sisters of Mother Teresa of Calcutta caring for the elderly, who had a bishop exiled and now kidnapped another, accused the Church of being a “dictatorship”.

The one who, when he took control of the Legislative Branch, reformed the Constitution so that he could be reelected and remain in power forever, the one who expelled the ambassador of the Pope without the slightest formality, declared last Wednesday, on the 43rd anniversary of the police, that the Church was a “perfect dictatorship”.

For the “democrat” Ortega, the Church cannot speak about the government of a country: “Since when are the priests here to give a coup d’état and since when do they have the authority to speak about democracy?”

“Who elects the priests, the bishops, the pope, the cardinals? How many votes? Who gives them to them?” he continued.

Ortega, who again described himself as a Catholic in a majority Catholic country, pointed out that in the Church, “everything is imposed, it is a dictatorship, the perfect dictatorship, it is a tyranny, the perfect tyranny.”

The terrible history of the Church according to Ortega

Ortega also dared to lecture the Pope about Catholicism: “I would say to His Holiness the Pope, with all due respect, to the authorities of the Catholic Church, I am a Catholic, that as a Catholic I don’t feel represented by everything we know about this terrible history, but also by the fact that I hear them talking about democracy and they don’t practice democracy,” he said.

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The repercussions of these statements by Ortega were worldwide and the reactions were not long in coming, such as that of Bishop Silvio Báez, a Nicaraguan exiled in Florida, who calls him an atheist:

“How much ignorance, how many lies and how much cynicism! A dictator giving lessons on democracy; someone who illegitimately exercises power, criticizing the authority that Jesus gave to his Church; someone who is an atheist, lamenting not feeling represented by the Church,” wrote Bishop Báez on his Twitter account.

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