Cardinal Pell asks Vatican for fair trial for Cardinal Becciu


The next hearing in the case against Cardinal Becciu and nine other former Vatican officials will be on October 5.

Newsroom (01/10/2021 16:00, Gaudium Press) For the first time, Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop Emeritus of Sydney, has spoken out about the ongoing trial at the Vatican of Cardinal Angelo Becciu and nine others. And he asked for judicial guarantees – according to Il Messagero reports – for the one, many consider one of his main adversaries within the Roman Curia.

It turns out that the prosecutors of the Vatican justice system refused to heed the request of the president of the Tribunal to hand over to the opposing party – the defence of the defendants – the “queen of proofs” of the accusations, which are the videos of Monsignor Alberto Perlasca’s statements.

“I, unjustly condemned by a jury that has never attended Mass, say that Angelo Becciu has the right to a fair trial and represents ‘an important moment’,” the Australian cardinal declared, according to the Avvenire newspaper.

“Perhaps the fact that the judges and jury have never attended a Catholic Mass and that they really believe that churches, and also sacristies, are dark and uninhabited places where any abomination can be committed contributed to my conviction in the first and second instance,” the cardinal clarified to Avvenire. “I think I was targeted for my defence of the traditional Judeo-Christian vision of family, life, sexuality. The decisive factor, however, was the abuse crisis “.

The next hearing

The next hearing – the second – in the case against Cardinal Becciu and the nine other former Vatican officials will take place on October 5. It is clear that the president of the Tribunal will have to make a statement on the refusal of the prosecutors to offer the opposing party the video of Msgr. Perlasca.

And it is also true that many other issues on procedural guarantees will come out, which have already been dealt with at the first hearing on June 27. For example, the tribunal judging them had a special conformation, which is a “special tribunal” that departs from the common standards of law, and for whose conformation four papal rescripts were required.


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