Canada: Archdiocese of Moncton backtracks compulsory health passport policy for religious services

eEuropean vaccine passport
European vaccine passport

Only the use of masks will be requested, and capacity not exceeding 50%.

Newsroom (29/09/2021 17:30, Gaudium Press)- The Archdiocese of Moncton, Canada, has backtracked on a policy that only believers with two doses of the Covid vaccine could enter religious services.

This came after a conversation between the Catholic bishops of the ecclesiastical province and health authorities in the province of New Brunswick.

“In this way, the four bishops of [New Brunswick] agree on next steps to make our churches safer for our faithful. No proof of vaccination is required for Masses, baptisms, prayer groups and others,” the archbishop clarified. Yes, masks are compulsory for liturgies in closed spaces, and with a maximum of 50% of their capacity, in order to allow social distance.

For weddings or funerals, proof of vaccination will be required in all venues other than private residences, but there will be no capacity limit or distance requirement.

Registration of Vaccinated Persons

The reconsideration of the Archdiocese’s requirements came shortly after it was confirmed that the measures the ecclesiastical jurisdiction required went beyond the government’s demands. The latter is requiring proof of vaccination for attendance at many public buildings or events, but not for places of worship.

The Archdiocese maintains the requirement to carry a vaccination passport for all those entering the Church building. It will also keep a record of people’s names and vaccination status, although the government has stated that it does not ask companies to record the names of those vaccinated.

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