Cardinal Parolin: Vatican Employees Obliged to Carry the Vaccine Passport

Employees without a valid vaccine passport or a negative test certificate for Covid will not be able to access Vatican workplaces. Those failing to comply will be considered absent without excuse. 

Newsroom (29/09/2021 1:01, Gaudium Press) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Vatican, signed an order obliging employees to carry a vaccine passport within Vatican territory or Covid negative test result certificate at the worker’s expense. 

The provision comes into effect on October 1 and will be monitored by the Vatican Gendarmerie.

Employees who do not comply will not have access to the workplace and will be considered absent without excuse. For the duration of the absence, no wages will be payed except for social security and welfare, including family assistance.

The current decree refers to the September 18 ordinance signed by Cardinal Bertello, president of the Pontifical Commission of the Vatican City State. It enforces the same regulations for visitors to the Vatican territory, except for liturgical celebrations and audiences at the Paul VI Hall.

Visitors will need to show the Vatican or European Green Pass or a valid Covid vaccination certificate

The decree applies to all personnel (superiors, officials and assistants) of the dicasteries, organisms and offices that make up the Roman Curia and the institutions linked to the Holy See. It extends to associates and those who exercise other functions in the related bodies, such as partner companies.

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj


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