Blessed Sacrament in the streets of Manhattan

The Blessed Sacrament solemnly crossed the streets of Manhattan. The procession was organized by the Napa Institute.

Newsroom (15/10/2021 11:48, Gaudium Press)

The streets in the heart of the Big Apple, those that supposedly don’t sleep, with their stores open 24 hours a day, full of illuminated signs, disdainful skyscrapers, commonly filled with people and also cars, contemplated last Sunday, October 11, a spectacle that is not so often seen there.

The priest carrying the Blessed Sacrament had simply said on his Twitter account that he would be carrying “the Lord” down these avenues.

The day after the event, Fr. Michael Duffy, priest of the Diocese of Rockville Centre and rector of his diocese’s cathedral, stated:

“Last night was one of the most remarkable [moments] of my priesthood. We took the Lord through the streets of New York. People were fascinated and many joined us. The Lord was present for his people and in his people. It was an extraordinary night. Many hearts were touched. Including mine.”

People were Surprised

The priest was accompanied by the Sisters of Charity of Mother Teresa and the sisters of the Sisters of Life congregation, a community dedicated to the protection of human life, which cares for pregnant women and the spiritual healing of those who have had abortions.

The procession, in which about 100 people participated, was organized by The Napa Institute, an organization that aims to help Catholic leaders meet the challenges facing the Catholic presence in tomorrow’s America.

Times Square was one of the places visited by the Blessed Sacrament during the Eucharistic Procession. Not a few passers-by stopped for a few moments in their busy lives to contemplate the procession, take a picture with their cell phones, or meditate a bit. Certainly many were not Catholics, because in New York there are more ethnic groups than in the Tower of Babel.

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Religious chants followed one after the other, and the rosary was said during a good part of the procession. Many asked that this initiative be repeated.

Compiled by Camille Mittermeier

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