Benedict XVI Will Soon Turn 95, in Good Health

Benedict XVI will soon turn 95 years old on April 16. His personal secretary, Arch. Gänswein, shares some insights on Pope emeritus’ daily routine. 

Newsroom (12/04/2022 08:15, Gaudium Press) On April 16, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will turn 95 years old. In an interview with Oggi, an Italian newspaper, Arch. Georg Gänswein, Benedict XVI’s personal secretary, shares some insights into the Pontiff’s daily life.

A Methodical LifeStyle

His lifestyle follows a very methodical rhythm, Gänswein notes, “even if his movements are slow.”

Benedict XVI’s day begins with the concelebration of Mass at 7:30 AM. After that, he regularly listens to music. Arch. Gänswein also confirmed that Benedict XVI is once again walking through the Vatican gardens.

During the interview, Gäeswein addressed the controversial issue surrounding Benedict XVI’s name earlier this year.

The German Church Abuse Controversy

Due to a mistake in the report on sexual abuse in the Munich diocese, Benedict was accused of covering up the case of a priest who was a repeat offender of pedophilia.

Arch. Gäenswein stated that the matter “has turned into an attack against the Pope emeritus, considered by many to be a liar,” a fact that has caused him great suffering. Furthermore, he went on to say that “In the German world, there is a current of thought that tries to attack the pontificate and the theological work of Ratzinger, and also to hurt (his) person.”

Relationship between Benedict XVI and Francis

Another topic touched briefly on the relationship between Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. The secretary to the Pope emeritus took the opportunity to deny rumours implying that the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery is a residence designed to receive “anti-Bergoglian pilgrimages.”

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The secretary lamented the attempts to create contrasts within the Church. He also confirmed Pope Francis will visit Benedict XVI on his birthday, April 16.

Health restored

The Pope Emeritus has never left the Vatican since his last trip to Germany to visit his brother on his deathbed in June 2020, a trip from which he returned especially tired.

In the summer of that same year, he had a rash of chickenpox that raised concerns about his health. Ultimately he recovered and, since then, continued to receive visitors. (FM)

With information from Aleteia.

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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