Spain: Aggressors Threaten Holy Week Procession, Arrested by Police

Two men were arrested on charges of disturbing public order as they intimidated bystanders on a traditional Holy Week procession.

Newsroom (12/04/2022 12:20 PM, Gaudium Press) Police forces in El Vendrell, Spain, arrested two of five men who were threatening the use of violence to disrupt a Holy Week procession.

The event took place last Sunday, April 10, around 7 pm. Five young men of Moroccan descent were standing in a street where the city’s Holy Week procession passed.

Soon, neighbours asked them to be respectful of the images passing by, but the individuals just stared at them with a threatening attitude.

Charged with disturbing public order

Minutes later, as several police officers arrived on the scene, the individuals continued to act in a hostile manner. Two men were arrested after confronting the police, while three others escaped.

The arrested men, 24 years old Moroccans, are being charged with public order disturbance.

Videos spread on social networks clearly show the action of the police as well as the relief of the bystanders as the Holy Week procession returned to normality.

Holy Week Processions in Spain

Holy Week processions are one of the most celebrated traditions in Spain. The faithful, and members of confraternities wearing unique costumes (such as the capirote or conical hat), carry the “pasos,” or processional displays depicting diverse scenes of Holy Week, including statues of Jesus and Mary. (FM)

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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