The Ten Commandments of a Catholic Lawyer

For those searching for vocational paths or for experienced lawyers alike, Gaudium Press presents these professional practice guidelines written by a famous Brazilian Canon Lawyer. 

Newsroom (12/08/2022 15:00, Gaudium Press)

1) To go to Mass on Sundays (precept of divine law: 3rd Commandment of the Decalogue).

2) As far as possible, not to shirk attending to criminal demands (precept of positive divine law: Mt 25:36).

3) Help the poor, Jesus’ preferred ones (Lk 4:18), sponsoring their disputes, free of charge, as much as possible.

4) To strive for conciliation between the client and the other party in the process, provided that commutative justice is not violated.

5) To be humble in speaking and especially in writing so that simple people can understand the petitions, the pleas, the appeals, and the opinions.

6) Respond generously to juridical consultations from your bishop or your parish priest.

7) Every day, pray at least one Our Father and a Hail Mary, asking for the intercession of Saint Ivo (patron saint of lawyers).

8) Pray at least one Hail Mary or a Salve Regina (“our advocate”) immediately before the hearing, requesting the intercession of Saint Ivo.

9) Register with an Association of Catholic Lawyers or Jurists.

10) Never stop being a Law student, recycling yourself day by day.

By Edson Luiz Sampel

Compiled by Angelica Vecchiato

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