Cardinal Odilo: the example of Jesus Christ should be our point of reference


    Sao Paulo, Brazil (Thursday, 02/12/2015, Gaudium Press) In his latest article the Archbishop of Sao Paulo, Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer, comments on the message of Pope Francis for Lent and makes a reflection for our present time, marked by the pursuit of selfish enjoyment of life.Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer.jpg

    Commenting on the many tragedies of wars and actions of intolerance on behalf of terrorist groups, who try to impose their power over others by the means of terror, he noted that many Christians are being victims of terrorist attacks. However, this is a time of martyrdom.

    According to Cardinal Odilo, “the Pope calls us for a change of attitude, as part of our Lenten conversion,” because “Christians are called to engage with others, as St Paul says, ‘ If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honoured, all rejoice together’ (1 Corinthians 12:26).”

    “The example of Christ Jesus, who sympathized with us and took our pains on Him and carried them, should be our point of reference” he said.

    Aaccording to the Cardinal, “individual Christians as well as church organizations should be ‘islands of solidarity’ in a world increasingly closed to fraternity.”

    The Cardinal believes that “the church is one body, and that each of our ecclesial communities should direct their attention specially to the weakest members of our society, the poor, the sick and the children.”

    In conclusion, Cardinal Odilo stressed that Lent is considered “a favorable time to turn to others; the Fraternity Campaign, sponsored by CNBB every year, goes in that direction and always points us to a specific dimension of love for the others , inseparable from the love for God. “

    “The Pope invites us to overcome the ‘indifference vertigo’, turning our attention to the others, with their needs and sufferings,” he concluded. (LMI)

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