A Project to evangelize through the digital media launched in Mexico

Guadalajara – Mexico (Tuesday, 02/03/2015, Gaudium Press) Inspired by the words of Pope Francis to reach out to those who need the light of the Gospel, a group of seminarians of Guadalajara, Mexico, launched a evangelization initiative using digital media and aiming especially young people.A Project to evangelize through the digital media launched in Mexico.jpg

Named “Com + grace”, the project was conceived as a movement that uses the new information technologies to touch the hearts of many with the saving message of Jesus Christ. “It is a movement on the internet that makes use of audiovisual media and, above all, plenty of digital platforms in order to make the user to have a real experience of God, no matter who he is, what he does, in whom he believes (…) it is a unique movement of its kind, in which, through high quality audiovisual, the viewer will have fun and will find an exciting experience, “explains Deacon José Luis González Santoscoy, who is one of the founders of this project.

The deacon also said “We cannot keep preaching only by word of mouth, we have to use the new digital tools in order to reach people.”

For this purpose the portal is divided into six sections: Stories, magic, culture, knowledge, God and media.

We can find testimonies, even some of well know personalities, who tell their own story and how they converted God, which will touch the hearts of many people.

The session of magic, in turn, offers videos by means of which it seeks to convey the teachings of the Gospel in a creative way. Ali Deacon Gonzales Santoscoy use entertainment to attract the attention of passers-by which catechizes in a creative way.

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At the culture section we can find reviews of books, movies, music, etc., that transmit values and contribute to the life of Faith, Deacon Gonzales Santoscoy explains.

The project is also present in social networks, it has a YouTube channel and a monthly newsletter. “(GPE / EPC)

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