March For Life 2015 large youth in attendance

WASHINGTON, DC USA (Monday, 01/26/2015, Gaudium Press) At this year’s March for Life Jan. 22, the things to notice about the crowd in attendance were its youth, its growth and the sense that these young people are bringing about a cultural renewal.

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Groups from all over the United States came in droves and the majority of people in those groups were young, energetic, bright-eyed and hopeful. At a coffee and doughnuts breakfast at St. Peter’s Church on Capitol Hill, offered in the parish hall below and filled with March for Life pilgrims, one group that stood out was the one from St. Agnes Church in Hillsboro, Illinois.

According to the group’s leaders, not only had the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, had to add an extra bus this year to transport its delegation, the delegation itself was heavily composed of the parish’s youth. ‘The kids are aware of the truth of the life issue,’ said Angie Mizera, a group leader. ‘The lies created by the opposition have been proven false over and over again, and thanks to the technology and transparency resulting from it, the truth has been made apparent to this generation.’ Accompanied by banners, balloons and drums, Crusaders for Life brought in youth and adults from all over the Detroit metro area. One of the marchers with them, Joe Jaczkowski of SS. Cyril and Methodius Parish in Sterling Heights, Mich., stated, ‘I’ve been coming for the past eight years and it’s been amazing to see how its grown. … For every one more adult you see come, you see five more teenagers.’

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With information from CNS and America National Catholic Review

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