Why is Saint Lucy the Patron Saint of the Eyes?

The miracles attributed to her intercession have made her one of the most invoked saints, especially when healing is requested for eye diseases or blindness.

Newsroom (14/12/2021 1:25 PM, Gaudium Press) Saint Lucy is traditionally known and invoked as the patron saint of the eyes. But do you know how she earned this title?

Vow of Perpetual Chastity

To explain it is necessary to turn to the story of Saint Lucy, who belonged to a very wealthy Italian Catholic family. Her religious formation was so strong that while still young she took a vow of perpetual chastity.

After the death of her father, the Saint’s mother revealed that she wished her to marry a young pagan. Lucy then asked for time to reflect and went on pilgrimage to the tomb of Saint Agatha, a martyr. There she felt that God wanted her to keep her vow of virginity.

Aware of the suffering that she would undergo because of her decision, Saint Lucy sold everything she had and gave it to the poor. By refusing to offer sacrifice to the gods and breaking her vow of chastity, she was condemned by pagan authorities to be beheaded.

Better not to see than to deny the Faith

An ancient oral tradition says that Saint Lucy even plucked out her own eyes and gave them to her executioner, symbolizing that she preferred not to see rather than deny her Christian faith.

Before she was beheaded and killed, Saint Lucy made a true profession of Faith in front of everyone present, emphasizing that she would not worship pagan gods. “I adore only one true God, and to him I have promised love and fidelity,” she stated categorically.

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Devotion to Saint Lucy spread quickly among Christians and she was so seen as an example of Faith that Pope Gregory the Great included her in the canon of the Holy Mass. The miracles attributed to her intercession made her one of the most invoked saints, especially when healing is sought for eye diseases or blindness.

Prayer to Saint Lucy

Saint Lucy, who kept faith and trust in God, even having gone through great suffering, help me not to doubt the Divine Protection, defend me from blindness not only physical but also spiritual, and attend to this request of mine (make the request). Preserve the light of my eyes so that I have the strength to keep them always open to truth and justice, and so that I can contemplate the wonders of the Universe, the brightness of the sun, and the smile of children. Oh, my dear Saint Lucy, I thank you for having heard my plea. Saint Lucy, pray for us! Amen. (EPC)

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