What are the Twelve Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

During his apparitions to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, Our Lord Jesus Christ made twelve promises.

Newsdesk (June 11, 2021 10:33, Gaudium Press) “Here is this heart that has loved men so much. Yet, I receive from most nothing but ingratitude, scorn, outrage, sacrilege and indifference.” Our Lord Jesus Christ said these strong words in one of his apparitions to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.

The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as we have today, is the fruit of these mystical experiences of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. She even described the image of Our Lord with his heart outwards. It was representing all his love for each one of us.

In one of these apparitions, Our Lord Jesus Christ made several promises to those who would nurture devotion to his Sacred Heart. Symbolically, a priest in the United States selected twelve of these promises since the number twelve is significant for the Church. Let us look at each of these twelve promises below:

These twelve promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus were made to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque:

1st – “My blessing will remain on the houses where the image of my Sacred Heart is exposed and venerated;

2nd – “I will give the devotees of my Heart all the graces necessary for their state”;

3rd – “I will establish and preserve peace in their families”;

4th – “I will console them in all their afflictions”;

5 – “I will be a safe refuge in life and especially in the hour of death”;

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6th – “I will cast abundant blessings upon their works and enterprises”;

7th – “Sinners will find in my Heart an inexhaustible source of mercy”;

8th – “Timid souls will become fervent through the practice of this devotion”;

9th – “The fervent souls will rise, in a short time, to a high perfection”;

10th – “I will give the priests who specially practice this devotion the power to touch the most hardened hearts”.

11th – “The people who propagate this devotion will have their name inscribed forever in my Heart”;

12th – “To all those who take communion on the first Fridays of nine consecutive months, I will give the grace of final perseverance and eternal salvation.” (EPC)


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