The Sacrament of Baptism and our real dignity

Baptism contains in itself treasures of inestimable value, at the same time a weapon and a shield against evil.

Newsroom( October 02, 2021 17:36 , Gaudium Press ) Among the greatest mysteries that make up the Christian Faith is the impressive fact that, from the moment baptismal water is poured over us along with the formula prescribed by the Church, we become temples of the Holy Trinity, children of God and joint heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven, by virtue of the sanctifying power given to the Sacraments, through the merits of the Passion of Christ.

The Sacrament of Baptism, in fact, was instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ not only by his words, but by his own example: He wanted to receive the baptism of St. John — preparatory, of course, to Christian Baptism — to show us the benefits of this cleansing torrent.

A forgotten Sacrament?

It is regrettable, however, that the Catholic often forgets this gift he has received, this indelible seal that separates him and elevates him above other men. Suffice it to say that, without Baptism, man will be reduced to the mere quality of a creature . The baptized person becomes the domain of Christ[1] , is what theology teaches, because it is by receiving this ineffable gift that he becomes the possession of God, the son of God properly.

It is necessary to ask, therefore, why one does not live considering Baptism as the most precious of gifts, superior to any earthly good; is it possible that there is something more extraordinary?

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Strength and protection against every enemy

In the history of the conversion of the Franks, a barbarian ancestral people of the French, one reads the sublime words of a letter from Bishop Santo Avitus, addressed to the Frankish King Clovis on the day of his Baptism:

“What shall I say of the solemnity of your baptism? Oh! how that holy night filled us with comfort as we evoked you! What a sight, we said, to see gathered together a group of pontiffs to serve with solicitude at the baptism of a great king, to behold that head feared by the nations bowing down before the servants of God; to see that hair grown under the military helmet receive, with the holy anointing, the helmet of salvation; to see that warrior leave his breastplate for a while to wear white robes. Do not doubt, O most flourishing of kings, the softness of new garments will lend new strength to your arms; and all that your good fortune has accomplished until now, your piety will accomplish even better”.[two]

Much more than a beautiful memory of the past, the Catholic must always have before him what it means to be properly baptized ; as Saint Paul wisely says, “let us bury ourselves” in the baptismal waters like Christ, that we too may be resurrected with him in his glory. [3]

Baptism is, therefore, a shield, but above all the weapon capable of defeating the infernal enemy and opening the way to Salvation.

By André Luiz Kleina

[1] OÑATIBIA, Ignacio. Baptism and Confirmation: Sacraments of initiation. Madrid: BAC, 2000, p. 190.

[2] Cf. ROHRBACHER, René François. Life of the Saints . São Paulo: Americas, 1960, vol. 17, p. 186.

[3] Cf. Rom. 6,4.

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