The Life of St. Josemaria Escrivá Inspires a New Film, Book

The Film is the result of a partnership between My Catholic Library and Lumine, featuring exclusive testimonials and remastered images. 

Gaudium Press English Edition

Newsdesk (15/01/2022 18:35, Gaudium Press) In the month of the celebration of the 120th anniversary of the birth of St. Josemaria Escrivá, Brazil-based Minha Biblioteca Católica (My Catholic Library) and Lumine have teamed up for a full immersion in the life of the everyday saint. This is the first time the book subscription club and the streaming platform have done a joint release, which involves both a biography and an unreleased film.

“This crossover action was providential. We provide a complete Catholic immersion in the life of a saint who was in Brazil, bringing together book, movie and audiobook. We are very proud to offer this experience to our subscribers,” says Matheus Bazzo, cofounder of My Catholic Library, and also founder of Lumine.

Book with original reader’s guide

“A Light in the World” was written by Portuguese priest Hugo de Azevedo, who lived with the founder of Opus Dei. Chronologically, the book recalls details about his life and personality – bringing lessons on how to reconcile the day-to-day tasks with the spiritual life.

The My Catholic Library set, revealed to the public a few days ago, will be sent to subscribers in February, with an exclusive reader’s guide. The material, produced by the club, offers an introduction and in-depth look at the history of the Spanish priest, as well as additional information about the work.

The experience is complemented by an audiobook, which will be available on the Pilgrim app. There will also be an episode on the Tertulia podcast, which can be heard on the app, as well as on YouTube and Spotify.

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Film with exclusive testimonials and remastered images

On January 31st, Lumine will premiere the film “A Saint Among Us”. An original release of the streaming platform, the documentary brings lectures that St. Josemaria presented during his visit to Brazil in 1974. All remastered and with cinema quality.

The production brings together exclusive testimonials from people who spent time with the ‘saint of the everyday’ and had their lives impacted by him. Such as, for example, the helicopter pilot who converted after traveling with St. Josemaria, and Fr. Francisco Faus, author of almost two dozen Christian works, who had several encounters with the founder of Opus Dei.

St. Josemaria Escrivá revisits a spirituality that is ancient but at the same time contemporary. And extremely necessary for today. He shows us that it is possible to have a full life with ordinary work. From the founder of Opus Dei, we learn that holiness is a path accessible to all of us,” concluded Matheus Bazzo.

Gabriela Alcantara Braz

Compiled by Roberta MacEwan

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