The Italian nun who defeated COVID-19 at 102

It is common these days to have Masses celebrated for religious who have died due to Covid 19. Sister Constanza’s story is an Oasis of relief amidst a desert of pain.


Rome, (August 22, 2020 Gaudium Press) —It has become a regular occurrence to have Masses celebrated for those who died during the imprisonment due to Covid 19.

Many of these masses include the souls of Consecrated people, in particular the elderly, who have died as a result of the pandemic. Already in March, dozens of religious were infected. However, in the midst of the pain of this crisis, it is heartwarming to hear stories like that of Sister Constanza Midena. She is a nun of the Passionist Sisters of Signa, located in the province of Florence. Her convent was one of the first Religious Houses hit by Covid 19 in the Tuscany Region.

These sisters, after a life consecrated to missionary work, found a refuge at the Convent of Signa; unexpectedly, they had to face a pandemic with renewed faith.

Already in March, at the convent, there were dozens of infected nuns. After the first 30 cases, the number of those infected rose to 50 and then to 70. The life threatening situation was very high, largely due to the age of many of the Sisters.

But Sister Constaza, who was among them at 102 years old, was not even hospitalized; she did not only defeat the pandemic but courageously remained at her convent.

“With great joy – announced the Passionist sisters – we celebrate the 102 years of Sr. Constanza Midena, all lived in dedication to God, in prayer and in the assiduous and unconditional service of the brothers and sisters entrusted to her in the mission. The community wanted to thank the Lord with a celebration presided by our Parish priest Don Vincenzo.”

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