Spain: Jesuits and a Diocesan Priest are Accused of Sexual Violence

Two Jesuit priests and a diocesan priest have been accused of committing sexual abuse against a woman. While canonical and civil investigations take place, the canonical superiors of the accused have taken precautionary measures.

Newsroom (07/06/2023 09:30, Gaudium Press) A woman has accused two Jesuit priests and one diocesan priest of sexual abuse on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

A woman has accused one priest and two Jesuits of committing sexual abuse against her. According to the victim, they took advantage of her psychological vulnerability.

The alleged victim, who is currently 50 years old, explained that the abuse began when she was still a minor in 1985 and lasted until 2021.

The Circumstances of the Events

The first to commit the crime was allegedly a member of the Society of Jesus living in Montesión. The woman, who was being abused by her own father, reportedly shared her family’s tragedy with the priest who, instead of helping her, took advantage of her vulnerable situation to also commit sexual violence against her.

After a few years, the Jesuit was sent to the mainland, and his successor allegedly proceeded in the same manner, committing sexual abuse against the woman, who was already of legal age at the time.

The accuser also claims to have suffered sexual abuse from a priest known to her family, who allegedly took advantage of her psychological vulnerability to commit harassment and sexual violence.

The Victim’s Psychological Vulnerability

Due to the abuse suffered within the family circle, the woman developed borderline personality disorder, characterized by hypersensitivity in interpersonal relationships.

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As a result, she was diagnosed with 68% psychological disability and declared unfit for any professional activity.

After undergoing three years of therapy, the woman revealed the abuse to her therapists and was finally able to report the facts to the Spanish justice system.

Precautionary Measures Against the Accused

Upon learning of the accusations, both the Bishop of Mallorca and the Society of Jesus in Spain have taken some preventive measures regarding the clergy involved in the case.

Bishop Sebastià Taltavull of Mallorca explained that a canonical investigation began as soon as he became aware of the facts, and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was immediately informed. The information was also transmitted to the superiors of the accused religious.

Bishop Taltavull decreed precautionary measures, including prohibiting the diocesan priest from exercising any pastoral role, publicly performing his ministry, requiring him to undergo psychological treatment, and receiving “serious spiritual direction.” (FM)

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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