Portugal: Shrine of Fatima launches Liturgical Products


The Shrine of Fatima launches a new line of products and its Official Seal. They are already available at the Shrine’s physical and online stores.

Newsdesk (July 24, 2021 8:35 AM, Gaudium Press) TheShrine of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal,  is creating an Official line of products available at the Shrine’s physical and online stores. The launching includes Official Incense (Incenso Regina) and Liturgical Charcoal.

The liturgical products -already used during the Centennial celebrations at the Cova da Iria- have been improved. After additional revisions on its formula, Regina Incense is now used during all celebrations at the Fatima Shrine.

Official Incense and Liturgical Coal

Thanks to a partnership with a local supplier, the product utilizes eco-friendly packaging, and it is available in three different sizes: 100g, 250g and 500g. The official Liturgical Charcoal, also using eco-friendly packaging, is available in 10 and 100 units.

Quality and environmental sustainability

The proposal of the quality seal designating Fatima Shrine Official Products intends to guarantee quality and environmental sustainability. For more information, readers can visit the Shrine’s physical stores or access the website www.store.fatima.pt.

The official products available include children’s merchandise such as mugs, bottles, pens, pencils, key chains, notebooks, cases and bracelets, as well as products designed for adults: purses, wallets, and T-shirts. (EPC)

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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