Pope Francis: the Holy Trinity, a Life Example

Francis took the example of the mutual self-giving between the three Persons of the Holy Trinity to apply it our personal life

Newsroom (14/06/2022 9:19 PM PM, Gaudium Press) Yesterday at the Angelus, the Pope addressed the theme of the Holy Trinity, on the feast of the Three Divine Persons. 

The Pope said that since humans are the divine image, the existence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of which we are a reflection “teaches us that one can never be without the other. We are not islands. (…) We must follow the example of the Holy Spirit, who announces and speaks well of others.”

In yesterday’s Gospel, Jesus introduced “the other two divine Persons, the Father and the Holy Spirit.” About the Holy Spirit, the Lord says: “He will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.” And about the Father, He says: “All that the Father has is mine.” “We notice,” the Pope pointed out, “that the Holy Spirit speaks, but not of himself: he announces Jesus and reveals the Father. And we also notice that the Father, who possesses everything because he is the origin of all things, gives to the Son everything he possesses: he keeps nothing for himself and he gives himself fully to the Son.” In other words, the Pope was showing the essential interrelatedness and total self-giving of the three divine Persons.

Francis took the example of the mutual self-giving between the three Persons of the Holy Trinity to apply it our personal life:

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“When we speak, we always want to say something good about ourselves, and often, we only speak about ourselves and what we do. How often! “I have done this and that…”, “I had this problem…”. We always speak like this. How different this is from the Holy Spirit, who speaks by announcing others, and the Father the Son! And, how jealous we are of what we possess. How hard it is for us to share what we possess with others, even those who lack the basic necessities! It is easy to talk about it, but difficult to practice it.”

The feast of the Holy Trinity should be an occasion to review our lives, especially concerning service to our neighbour.

“God, in whom each Person lives for the other in a continual relationship, in continual rapport, not for himself, provokes us to live with others and for others. Open. Today we can ask ourselves if our life reflects the God we believe in: do I, who profess faith in God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, truly believe that I need others in order to live, I need to give myself to others, I need to serve others? Do I affirm this in words or do I affirm it with my life?,” asked the Pontiff.

With information from Vatican News.

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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