Pope Explains Archbishop of Paris Resignation

During a press Conference during the flight back to Rome, Pope Francis explained the resignation of Mon. Aupetit from the archdiocese of Parisand why it was accepted so quickly.

Newsroom (06/12/2021 2:26 PM, Gaudium Press) During the flight from Greece to Rome, Pope Francis answered questions. One of the journalists asked the Pope why he accepted the resignation of the Archbishop of Paris so quickly, only a week after the request.

Francis explained that one should not condemn before knowing the accusation. And he invited journalists to investigate first, to avoid condemning without knowing the reason. The Pope said that public opinion, rumors have condemned Msgr. Aupetit. Next, Francis noted that Msgr. Aupetit faulted against the sixth commandment:

“…it was a failing on his part, a failing against the sixth commandment, but not total, of small caresses and massages that he did to the secretary; this is the accusation. This is sin but it is not of the most serious sins, because the sins of the flesh are not the most serious. The most serious are those that [have more to with] ‘angelicality’ [It: angelicalità]: pride, hatred.”

Francis said that Msgr. Aupetit is a sinner just as St. Peter, the bishop on whom the Church was founded, was also a sinner. He then said that at the time of St. Peter: the Church “was used to feeling that it was always sinful, everyone. It was a humble Church. We can see that our Church is not used to having a sinful bishop,” Francis said. “But when the chatter grows, grows, grows and takes away a person’s fame; no, he will not be able to govern because he has lost his reputation,” he continued.

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Thus, Francis concluded that he accepted the resignation because of the gossip, “That is why I accepted the resignation, not on the altar of truth but on the altar of hypocrisy.” (FM)

With information from VaticanNews

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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