Phrases and Thoughts by Saint Clement I, Pope

St. Clement, bishop of Rome in the last years of the first century, is the third successor of Peter, after Linus and Anacletus.

Newsroom(Nov 28, 2022 15:50, Gaudium Press) Today, November 23, we celebrate the memory of St. Clement I, who governed the Catholic Church from 88 to 97. This Saint was the fourth Pope, taking the Chair of Peter after Linus and Anacletus.

About his life, one of the main testimonies comes from St. Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon until 202, who states that Clement ‘had seen the Apostles’, ‘had met them’, and ‘still had their preaching in his ears and their tradition before his eyes’ (Adv. Haer. 3,3,3).

According to a tradition, which goes back to the end of the fourth century, St. Clement ended his life with martyrdom. His name was included in the Roman Canon of the Mass.

Check below some phrases said by this very important saint in the history of the Church:

1 – “Let us go through all the ages of the world and we will find that in every generation the Lord has granted the favorable time of penance to all those who wished to convert to him.”

2 – “Lord, forgive us our infidelities and injustices, our sins and offenses.

3 – “Give us and all the inhabitants of the earth concord and peace, as you gave them to our ancestors, who piously invoked you in Faith and in Truth”.

4 – “Let us attentively fix our gaze on the Father and Creator of the universe and ardently desire his gifts of peace and his magnificent and incomparable benefits.

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5 – “Lord, show us your face and may we enjoy the goods in peace in the shadow of your mighty hand; by your outstretched arm let us be free from all sin; keep us from those who hate us without cause.”

6 – “The greater the knowledge with which we are distinguished, the greater the danger to which we are exposed.”

7 – “Let us open the eyes of our hearts and know you alone, most high among the highest, holy to rest among the saints.

8 – “Grant us, Lord, the grace to hope in your name, the beginning of every creature”.

9 – “Noah proclaimed penance, and all who heard him were saved. Jonah announced ruin to the Ninevites, but they, doing penance for their sins, were reconciled to God by their supplications and attained salvation, although they did not belong to God’s people.”

10 – “Jesus Christ our Lord, according to the divine will, shed his blood for us, immolated his flesh to redeem our flesh, gave his life to save our life.”

11 – “The great cannot without the small, nor the small without the great. In everything there is some mixture and in it lies the advantage”.

12 – “Let us fix our gaze attentively on the blood of Christ and understand how precious in the eyes of God, his Father, is this blood which, shed for our salvation, offered to the whole world the grace of penance.”

13 – “May all nations know you, for you alone are God, and may they also know Jesus Christ your Son, and with them also we your people and the sheep of your flock.”

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14 – Lord, you are “full of wisdom in creating and wise in establishing created things. You are good in all that is visible, faithful to those who trust in you, kind and merciful.”

15 – “Do not accuse your male and female servants of sin, but purify us in your truth and guide our steps to walk in piety, justice and simplicity of heart, doing all that is good and pleasing in your sight and before our shepherds.”

16 – “Those who have persevered in patience have inherited glory and honor.”

Compiled by Teresa Joseph


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