Philippines: Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Anne Becomes Minor Basilica

This title is very important for the Diocese that is only 19 years old and will already have its first Minor Basilica, with its respective special privileges.

Photo: Divulgation / Archdiocesan Shrine of Santa Ana.

Newsroom (03/08/2022 10:35 PM, Gaudium Press) The Archdiocesan Shrine of Saint Anne, located in Taguig City, Philippines, has been formally designated by the Vatican as a Minor Basilica, joining the list of twenty churches in the country that have received such an honor.

First Minor Basilica of the Diocese

Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara, Bishop of Pasig, commented that this title is very important for the Diocese, which is only 19 years old and will already have its first Minor Basilica with its respective special privileges.

The request to the Vatican to grant the title and dignity of Minor Basilica to the Shrine of Saint Anne was sent to the Holy See last year. The petition contained 180 pages which contained the history of the parish, the liturgical and social services offered by it, and a brief history of the local culture and devotion.

Requirements to receive the title of Minor Basilica

The title of Minor Basilica may be granted for architectural beauty, historical significance, liturgical renown, the presence of a special relic or work of art, or any combination of these qualities. The archdiocesan sanctuary already houses a bone relic of St. Anne.

A Basilica also has special privileges with ties to the Pope. One of these is the plenary indulgence, which the faithful who visit the temple and participate in sacred rites can receive. The three church symbols that distinguish a basilica are the ombrellino (small umbrella), the tintinnabulum (bells), and the tiara and keys symbol that is on the Vatican flag. (EPC)

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Compiled by Dominic Joseph

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