Our Lord Jesus Christ is essential for our life, assures Pope

Pope Francis recalls that the true bread of life is what makes us live, He alone nourishes our souls.

Newsroom (09/08/2021 20:10, Gaudium Press) During the Angelus on Sunday, 8 August, Pope Francis reflected on the theme “I am the bread of life“. Addressing the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square, the Pontiff invited them to reflect on what the bread of life means.

The Holy Father pointed out that those who are hungry do not ask for refined and expensive food, but ask for bread, just as the unemployed do not ask for high salaries, but only the ‘bread’ of a job. “Jesus reveals himself as the bread, that is, the essential, the necessary for everyday life,” he explained.

Jesus is the true bread that feeds our souls

According to Francis, the true bread of life is what makes us live, “He alone feeds our souls, He alone forgives us of that evil which we cannot overcome on our own, He alone makes us feel loved even if everyone disappoints us, He alone gives us the strength to love and forgive in difficulties, He alone gives the heart the peace it seeks, He alone gives life forever when life here ends”.

He then explains that Our Lord Jesus Christ speaks in parables, so by using the expression ‘I am the bread of life‘ he sums up His whole being and His whole mission. “This will be seen fully at the end, at the Last Supper. In giving His own life, His own flesh, His own heart, so that we might have life Jesus causes the wonder before the gift of the Eucharist to awaken in us,” he teaches.

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“No one in this world, no matter how much they love another person, can make themselves food for them. God did it, and does it, for us. Let us renew this wonder. Let us do so by adoring the Bread of Life, because adoration fills life with wonder,” he emphasizes.

I am the bread come down from heaven

Pope Francis recalled that many were scandalised when Jesus claimed to be the bread come down from heaven: “Would we too be more at ease with a God who is in heaven without intruding?” he questioned.

Finally, he stressed that “God became man to enter into the concreteness of the world. And He is interested in everything of our lives. Jesus wants this intimacy with us. Jesus does not want to be relegated to second place, to be neglected and put aside, or only called into question when we need it. (EPC)


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