Order of Malta: Pope Confirms Cardinal Tomasi as his Delegate

Pope Francis grants Cardinal Silvano Maria Tomasi more power to convoke an upcoming Extraordinary General Chapter of the Order of Malta.

Photo: Daniel Ibánez – CNA

Newsroom (October 29, 2021, 1:30 PM, Gaudium Press) In a letter addressed to Cardinal Silvano Maria Tomasi, appointed special delegate to the Order of Malta on November 1, 2020, and circulated on October 26 by the Vatican, the Pope confirmed Cardinal Tomasi as his delegate. He declared that the Cardinal “enjoys all the powers necessary to decide the questions that may arise for the implementation of the mandate,” including “the power to claim for himself aspects of the ordinary government of the Order, also derogating, if necessary, from the current Constitutional Charter and the current Melitense Code, as well as resolving all internal conflicts within the Order ex auctoritate Summi Pontificis.”

Pope Francis decided to keep “Marco Luzzago in his position as Lieutenant Grand Master until the conclusion of the Extraordinary General Chapter and the subsequent election of a new Grand Master by the Full Council of State.”

Pope Francis noted, “with gratitude, the positive steps taken with regard to the spiritual and moral renewal of the Order, especially of the Professed Members, as well as the process of updating the Constitutional Charter and the Melitanian Code, the latter being of fundamental importance.”

In addition, the text lists the duties conferred to Cardinal Tomasi: “To convoke the Extraordinary General Chapter for a date that he will determine and co-preside; to define an ad hoc regulation for the composition and celebration of the Extraordinary General Chapter; to approve the Constitutional Charter and the Melitanian Code; to proceed with the renewal of the Sovereign Council in conformity with the new normative texts; to convoke the Full Council of State for the election of a new Grand Master.

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With information from Vaticannews.

Compiled by Sarah Gangl

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