More Than 3400 Christians Murdered By Terrorists So Far This Year in Nigeria


According to a report from Intersociety, roughly 17 Christians are killed every day in the African country.

Newsroom(05/08/2021 23:15, Gaudium Press) A report released in Nigeria by the International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law (Intersociety) reveals that during the first 200 days of 2021, approximately 3,400 Christians were killed by Islamic terrorists in the African country.

17 Christians killed per day

According to the report, this average number of 17 Christians murdered per day is the second-highest since 2014, when more than 5,000 murders of Christians were recorded that year, and rivals the full year of 2020, “estimated at 3,530 (murders) according to Open Doors’ global watch list of persecuted Christians”.

According to Intersociety, more than 4,000 Christians have fallen victim to members of the Muslim group Boko Haram, and another 1,200 people have been murdered by Fulani herdsmen. The research also concluded that between January and July of this year, nearly 3,000 Christians were kidnapped.

Nigerian government complicit in these killings of Christians

The research group estimates that 3 out of every 30 kidnapped Christians die in captivity, with the number of those killed in captivity by terrorists reaching 300. In addition, 150 unrecorded murders have been counted and 300 churches threatened, attacked, or burned.

The authors of the research lamented the fact that those guilty of these massacres of Christians in Nigeria have escaped justice, fueling impunity and encouraging the repetition of these crimes. The Nigerian government has also come under heavy criticism for its complicity in the killings of Christians in the country. (EPC)

Compiled by Sandra Chisholm

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