More than 3,000 University Students Gather in Rome for Holy Week

The UNIV 2024 Meeting takes Place in Rome and Offers a Variety of Cultural and Christian Formation Activities.

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Newsroom (28/03/2024 16:10, Gaudium Press)  It’s already become a tradition. During Holy Week, around 3,000 university students gather to take part in UNIV 2024, an international meeting that attracts students from more than 25 nationalities and 32 different universities, who want to spend Holy Week and Easter with the Pope.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week the UNIV Forum and the UNIV Lab gathered for academic events that discussed the theme “The Human Factor”, proposing a reflection on the technological advances of Artificial Intelligence. Some of the questions raised were: what is human intelligence, what is human creativity and what makes us human?

At the same time, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and round tables were held at different venues in Rome, with the participation of renowned speakers such as William Hurlbut, professor at Stanford University and director of “The Boundaries of Humanity” Institute (USA); Julián Larrauri, producer and writer, whose film was nominated for the Oscar 2024 award; Anne Boily, specialist in strategic issues related to artificial intelligence (Canada); Allannah Karas, professor at the University of Miami (USA); Claudio Pedone, professor at the University of Miami (USA); Claudio Pedone, director of Geriatrics at the Campus Biomedico University (Italy); Lucy Molinar, journalist, former Minister of Education (Panama).

The UNIV meetings, which have already brought together more than 100,000 university students, began in 1968 under the inspiration and impetus of St. Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei. During the meeting, the students have an opportunity to take part in an audience with the Pope.

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The Prelature of Opus Dei is also organizing Christian formation activities to complement the program of the meeting. Participants will be able to experience Holy Week through a more intense prayer experience, as well as exploring the city of Rome and taking part in guided tours of museums and art exhibitions, while getting to know historical sites related to the history of the Church since the first centuries.

With information from Opus Dei

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