Malaga, Spain: Masses will be celebrated with a chalice pierced by a bullet of the 'Islamic State'

The Chalice was used for target practice

Newsdesk (August 30, 2020 Gaudium Press) In the midst of the pandemic, freedom to practice religion has become a regular topic of discussion. However, many of our Catholic contemporaries have not yet experienced the formal persecution of their faith.

In Iraq- only a few years ago- the self-styled ‘Islamic State’ pursued a scorched-earth policy regarding Christians, forcing thousands and thousands of Christians to flee the Nineveh Plain area in particular.

As a reminder that freedom of practicing Religion comes with a price, Aid to the Church in Need Foundation (ACN) is sending a very symbolic chalice on a pilgrimage to the diocese of Malaga, Spain.

Chalice rescued in Iraq

The Chalice was rescued from a Syrian-Catholic church in Qaraqosh, Iraq, desecrated in a very unique way by the terrorists.

“This chalice was used by the jihadists for target practice. What they did not imagine was that it would be re-consecrated and taken to many places around the world to celebrate Masses with it. We want to make visible a reality that we often see on television, but we are not able to grasp,” explains Ana Maria Aldea, ACN delegate in Malaga.

The Pilgrimage also wants to “make visible to all the people of Malaga the kind of religious persecution that many Christians suffer today, a recurrent topic since the early days of the Church,” Aldea said.

On pilgrimage until September 14

The pilgrimage of the chalice through the various parishes of Malaga began last Sunday Aug 23, in the parish of San Isidro Labrador. The symbolic chalice will be in the diocese until September 14.

“When you see this chalice with the entry and exit of the bullet, you become aware of the persecution Christians are suffering in these places. It is a ‘liturgical treasure’; it is like celebrating with the body of Christ pierced by a bullet,” concluded the ACN delegate.

With information from Aciprensa

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