“It is Forbidden to Disagree”: the New Dictatorship?

“I will not serve that in which I no longer believe, even if it be called my home, my country, or my church: and I will try to express myself by some mode of life or art as freely and completely as I can, using in my defense the only weapons I allow myself to use – silence, exile, and cleverness.” (James Joyce, 1916)  

Newsroom (25/01/2022 11:30 AM, Gaudium PressWe see so many horrible things in this life that we become calloused and start to believe that nothing can surprise us anymore. However, something always comes along that surprises us because the world is becoming more and more decadent and more daring in the practice and creation of the bad, the terrible, and the abominable.

Doing some virtual research on the passage in the Holy Scriptures that deals with the fallen angels, I came across two rock songs entitled “Non serviam”. Both are so heavy that they seem to have been recorded directly from inside hell, and it is impossible for an ordinary human being to listen to more than a few seconds of each one of them, undoubtedly linked to the universe of Satanism.

 It is difficult to understand why an artist composes something like this, with frightening lyrics, gloomy melody, and frightening interpretation, and even more difficult to believe that there is an audience that consumes this kind of garbage. But unfortunately, there is.

The Ugly Normal

This week I was also surprised by the news of a young British mother who named her newborn son Lucifer! Criticized and questioned about the matter, the girl replied that she sees no harm in naming her son after the devil, that she thinks the name is beautiful and does not associate it with evil, that people see evil where there is none.

A few months before, I had another of these shocks when I came across the strange figure of a man who called himself the “devil”, implanted horns, cut off parts of his ears and half of his nose to make it look like a snout, had countless tattoos and several deforming plastic surgeries, he implanted animal-like fangs in place of teeth, had a finger amputated from each hand so that they would take the shape of claws, and put on pointy false nails, which he wears painted black or red, to look more like the one he is talking about.

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As if all this were not enough, the guy is married to an equally transformed woman, who, in addition to the horn implants, even tattooed the whites of her eyes with the color red and had her tongue split in half, so that it would become forked, like those of serpents, and who calls herself a “demon woman”. No, this is not fiction, those who have the stomach for it can look for pictures of the bizarre couple on the internet, or maybe even bump into them on the street, because they are Brazilians, residents of the coast of São Paulo.

We are talking about extreme attitudes, appearances and songs that cause repugnance even to the most cold-hearted and unbelieving people, opponents of faith and religion. However, this kind of thing, in a subtle way at first, and then in a slurred way, infiltrates every detail of our reality and passes itself off as normal: the error lies in those who don’t like it, in those who are scared, and not in those who practice such aberrations.

“It is forbidden to disagree”

After five decades under the domination of the dictatorship of “It is forbidden to forbid”, the slogan of the proclaimed cultural revolution, born from the student protests at the Sorbonne in May 1968, we are now under the dictatorship of “It is forbidden to disagree”. We live in the age of the absurd, under the paroxysm of not being able to oppose anything, except God and religion.

The most ironic thing is that those who preach this philosophy claim to be in favour of freedom and against all kinds of prejudice; yet they try to imprison each and everyone who still dares to apply a trace of sanity to this world gone mad, upside down, with values turned inside out, twisted and crushed by the bestiality of what is conventionally called “modern and normal”.

Sadder than watching this avalanche of horrors, is seeing good people trying to convince other good people to accept everything, not to be prejudiced, to worship “equality”, and for this, they even evoke religion and the mercy of God, who “loves everyone equally and wants us to respect everyone. But how can we respect anything if we are disrespected and run over by the violent imposition of chaos all the time?

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And for those who claim equality among all, first of all, I say that I am in no way equal to a stupid mother who gives the name Lucifer to an innocent little baby, and even less equal to two creatures who spend large sums of money to deform themselves, turning their bodies into what their souls already are: Satan’s slaves. Nor am I equal to rockers who loudly proclaim “I will not serve!”

Freedom and equality?

No, I am not like them and they are not like me! Like all descendants of Adam, I am a flawed and sinful man, who offends the Creator with his daily slips, but, I am a child of God, I am a servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I am consecrated to the Blessed Virgin, so, defend the false equality you want to defend, but don’t try to convince me that I am equal to the worst kind of degenerates who offend God on purpose.

And don’t be naïve enough to believe that those who cultivate these attitudes and ideologies are atheists. No, they are not. They believe in God, they know exactly who God is, and they deliberately offend Him because, by their actions, they echo the “Non servium” of the one they serve!

Be aware that those who call themselves equals are hypocrites and dominators, they do not live what they stand for, and they hate equality. With such people, the writer George Orwell’s statement is well suited: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others…”

For these kind of people, those who still try to resist, those who have faith, who pray, go to Mass, go to confession, take communion, consecrate themselves to Jesus and Our Lady, are all lost and are fools, because they are not free.

Behold the Handmaid of the Lord

You don’t need to be a doctor of theology to know that they hate servitude, obedience, authority, discipline, and love, characteristics that reflect the gifts of God and of which we have the greatest exponent in Mary. She who, even though she was elevated to the rank of the most important of all creatures, when she was chosen to be the Mother of God, humbly responded, “Ecce ancilla Domini, fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.” (Behold the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your word.).

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This is the example to be followed, this is the holy creature to be imitated because with a single attitude of submission and surrender, She overcame the devil and all those who follow him; She overcame pride, which is what is behind all abominations.

Therefore, never say: “I rebel, I do not serve, I do not agree, we are all equal, no one is better than I am”, because the only one who, because of her condition and the number of graces with which she was distinguished, could claim to be better, humbly made herself a servant, made herself a slave and, together with her Divine Son, who allowed himself to be crucified and killed, brought us the freedom and salvation of the children of God.

So be attentive, and at every situation, however insignificant it may seem, that leads you to an act of rebellion that has the “non serviam” behind it, think of Mary, look at Mary, bow down before Mary and say, with Her, “Ecce ancilla Domini, fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.”

And for these children of darkness, let us pray and make acts of reparation and disgrace before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who is, yes, merciful, and for whom nothing is totally lost; just don’t let them fool you and make you feel like the scum that walks to the abyss when it thinks it is reaching Heaven, repeating, in gasps, the refrain: “I will not bow down, I will not serve God,” while they willingly compose the ranks of the sad prey, slaves and servants of the prince of darkness, the pitiful retinue of Satan!

By Afonso Pessoa


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