Hungary: The lowest divorce rate in 60 years


Katalin Novak, minister of family, youth and international relations, explained the reasons at a Press conference on Monday.

Newsroom (23/06/2021 15:25, Gaudium Press) Hungary seems to have found the formula to effectively reduce abortion and divorce rates and the number of illegitimate births: the state supports, cooperates with, and subsidies activities of religious institutions.

In a conference held last Monday, Katalin Novak stated that Christianity is not a choice but predestination. In this perspective, Hungary “not only has proclaimed and talked about a kind of Christian renewal, but it has decided to take crucial actions on behalf of the government.”

Thus, according to Eurostat, Hungary is the country that gives the most funds for the support of churches and religious educational establishments. In the last ten years, people giving 1% of their income tax to support the Church have increased by 400,000. Thus, the number of falling baptisms t has begun to reverse, religious marriages are growing, and half a million children have enrolled in religious schools.

The lowest divorce rate in 60 years

The state, Novak announced, has doubled the number of confessional educational institutions, including nurseries, pre-schools and schools. That is why the number of children in religious schools has increased.

The social consequences of this policy are clear to see.

Novak said that since 2010, more and more Hungarian children had been born within marriage; the number of abortions within marriage has almost halved, and the number of illegitimate births has dropped by two-thirds.

In addition, the divorce rate is the lowest in 60 years. The minister also referred to the introduction of religious ethics into the public education system, the restoration of 3,000 churches and the construction of 130 new ones. She also pointed out a figure contrary to other European countries: in Hungary, no church has been closed or converted into a shopping center.

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