History, Prayer, and Phrases of Saint Dulce of the Poor

Today, August 13, the Catholic Church celebrates the memory of Saint Dulce of the Poor, the Good Angel of Bahia.

Newsroom (August 13, 2021 09:58, Gaudium Press) Born on May 26, 1914, in the city of Salvador (BA) Maria Rita de Souza Brito Lopes Pontes entered the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God.

Wishing to consecrate her life to God by serving the most needy, she became a religious, and began to be called Sister Dulce, after her mother. Later, she became popularly known as the “Good Angel of Bahia”.

In 1949, she improvised, in the convent’s chicken coop, a shelter for the sick that were rescued by her from the streets of Salvador. Ten years later, a piece of land was donated for the construction of the Santo Antônio Hostel. Years later, next to the hostel, was founded the Santo Antonio Hospital, the heart of the Social Works of Sister Dulce.

Dulce died on March 13, 1992, at her home in the Convent of Santo Antonio. She was beatified on May 22, 2011 and canonized by Pope Francis on October 13, 2019, becoming the first Brazilian saint.

Phrases of Saint Dulce of the Poor

01 – “We are like a pencil with which God writes the texts He wants said in the hearts of men.

02 – “What can we do to change the world? Love. Love can, yes, overcome selfishness”.

03 “He who has hands to serve has no time to do evil.

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04 – “Love overcomes all obstacles, all sacrifices. No matter how much we do, everything is little compared to what God does for us.

05 – “The body is a sacred temple. The mind, the altar. So we must take care of them with the greatest care. Body and mind are the reflection of our soul, the way we present ourselves to the world, and a business card for our encounter with God.

06 – “Divine providence is the one who maintains, who takes care, who directs. We here are just a very weak instrument in God’s hands”.

07 “We have to believe and be sure that nothing is impossible in the eyes of God. If I had to, I would start all over again the same way, walking the same path of difficulties, because faith, which never abandons me, would give me strength to always go forward.

08 – “Get used to hearing the voice of your heart. It is through it that God speaks to us and gives us the strength we need to move forward, overcoming the obstacles that appear on our road”.

09 – “When no hospital wants to accept a patient, we will. This is the last door, and that’s why I can’t close it.

10: “Everything that happens in the universe has a reason for being; a purpose. We, as human beings, have only one lesson in life: to move forward and be sure that although sometimes it is dark, the sun will shine again.

Prayer to Saint Dulce of the Poor

Lord our God, remembering Your Daughter, Saint Dulce of the Poor, whose heart burned with love for You and her brothers and sisters, particularly the poor and excluded, we ask You: give us the same love for the needy; renew our faith and hope, and grant that we, like this daughter, may live as brothers and sisters, striving daily for holiness, so that we may be authentic missionary disciples of Your Son Jesus. Amen. (EPC)

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