Heralds of the Gospel Collect More Than 6000 Articles of Clothing for Ponta Grossa

“Through this gesture we want to show that charity has no limits and that it finds no boundaries even with the climate itself,” the religious institution stated.

Newsroom(31/07/2021 07:20, Gaudium Press) The arrival of a polar mass of cold air in Paraná has brought temperatures down across the state. The forecast is that some cities will register lows between -1°C and -5°C.

More than 6,000 items of clothing collected

In an attempt to reduce the suffering of many who are unable to warm themselves during these icy winter days and nights, the Heralds of the Gospel of Ponta Grossa held a ‘Warm Clothing Campaign’ in which more than six thousand pieces of clothing were collected.

“At the moment when the cold arrives, hearts do not grow cold. On the contrary, hearts warm themselves more and more, and for this reason, we of the Heralds of the Gospel, together with the Brazilian Army, are collecting all the material necessary to warm the bodies, but showing that the heart also warms the bodies,” stated one of the priests of the Heralds.

Heralds of the Gospel and Brazilian Army united in the fight against cold

The initiative, which included donations from the community and the 13th Armoured Infantry Battalion, chose the residence of the Heralds of the Gospel as a collection point.

The donations were delivered directly to needy families and street residents in the region, through a social action promoted by the Ponta Grossa City Hall: “Through this gesture, we want to demonstrate that charity has no limits and that it finds no boundaries, not even with the climate itself,” concluded the priest. (EPC)

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Compiled by Sandra Chisholm

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